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Vision, Mission, and Goals for St. John's


Vision, Mission and Goals

August 2016

Vision Statement

St. John’s Episcopal church is an inclusive congregation that nurtures Christian spiritual growth and community through worship, education, outreach, mutual care, and fellowship.  


St. John’s mission is building a strong spiritual community in Christ; welcoming all who enter our doors, including believers, seekers, and doubters; and reaching out to those in need both within our congregation and around us.


  • Welcoming visitors and newcomers
    • Assess current welcoming activities
    • Determine additional activities 
  • Building a strong spiritual community
    • Incorporate additional energizing music
    • Build closer community which includes organized mutual care 
    • Enhance family ministry
      • Hire and retain a Family Programs Director
      • Create a strong program for children and youth 
      • Provide child and nursery care
    • Broaden and strengthen the content of and build broader participation in adult Christian formation
    • Consider conducting alternative services such as a healing service
    • Plan and develop additional activities for all members of the congregation, ranging from children and youth to seniors
  • Serve needs in the community
    • Continue / broaden partnership with AFAC
    • Undertake activities which include families with children of all ages
    • Investigate community needs and potential new partners 


This is a copy of the Vision_Mission_2017_08.pdf in pdf format.