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EfM - Education for Ministry

Education for Ministry is a four-year program sponsored by the University of the South - Sewanee. St. John's has sponsored EfM groups for over 20 years.

St. John's EfM Group

The St. John's EfM Group has a long history. We have been providing lay leaders with the resources they need to minister in the world. The St. John's EfM Group meets on Sunday nights from 6-9pm from right after Labor Day through early June. The group is a multi-year group, meaning that students from all four years of study meet together each week. The EfM Group is led by Beth Cavey and Wade Hinkle. We welcome new students each September.

 What current and former students are saying about EfM at St. John's

  • The most astonishing thing about having EFM as part of my life for 35 years is the experience of watching people discover what God really is calling them to do. Truly, it never ceases to amaze me -- or them!  God is indeed "doing a new thing" in our private lives, and it plays out in lovely public ways. The guy who hated church realizes a non-building church that's real is what he has been seeking, so he helps to create one; the shy person becomes a superb preacher; the nurse goes deeper and finds her work is her vocation; the high-level media official gives up a fancy title and becomes the best hospital chaplain ever; the vet makes faith real in her creative writing; the student with terminal cancer learns to trust God with everything. And one old broad with a damaged back realizes that the world has too many lawyers and not enough theologians. Amazing. SO pretty to watch.
  • EfM has given me the language and the scholarship to better understand my personal theology and what to do with that belief in my daily life. I look forward to every Sunday evening because I know that God will be present in our discussions and lead us to a grace that we cannot truly appreciate in any other forum. The people who are my classmates are so much more than that--they are fellow souls on a faith journey who hold my hand, redirect my steps, and celebrate my milestones. EfM is a truly remarkable program.
  • EfM was a great way to read scripture with new insight. Reading the Bible with commentary certainly helped deepen my understanding. But, even better was reading with an appreciation of the recent historical scholarship on who wrote what, when, why, and how we know that. It helped me reconcile the reality that much of scripture is man-written with the profound truth that God’s word still burns through. EfM helped me learn and interpret the Bible in a ways that no prior study had.

For more information about EfM at St. John's, contact Beth Cavey.

For students currently enrolled in EfM, below are links to resources. Resources for all four years are available at Oxford Biblical Studies Online Institute. The login ID and password are found in the current Reading and Reflection Guide.

Year One -- Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament)

Year Two -- Christian Scriptures (New Testament)

Year Three -- Church History

Year Four -- Modern Theology and Philosophy

EfM follows a four-year cycle centered around a thematic issue. The 2018-2019 thematic focus is Living Faithfully in a Multi-cultural World.