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Saint Patrick’s  &  St. John’s Episcopal Churches
Are Jointly Seeking a Shared Minister  

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St. John’s and St. Patrick’s are two small congregations within five miles of each other in the inner Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. Each has a vibrant membership that is fully engaged. When each lost its rector, St. John’s and St. Patrick’s joined forces to seek the right priest to serve as the next rector for both parishes. 

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St. John's Church

Each church has its own unique characteristics. St. John’s was established in 1890 as a mission of the Virginia Theological Seminary, in what was then a small, almost rural, community. Today it remains nestled in a historic and community-focused neighborhood in Arlington, a dynamic and diverse urban county. 

St. Patrick's Church

St. Patrick’s was founded as a mission of the Falls Church in 1953. In the late 1990s St. Patrick’s attracted a number of Vietnamese members and has since become a significantly multicultural congregation.


Our Ideal Candidate

We are seeking a full-time rector who will use the teachings of Christ to lead both parishes in discovering what the future holds for them as we continue to emerge from a pandemic that changed both our daily lives and our ideas of what it means to be a church. We are committed to working with and supporting our new rector. Our ideal candidate will be someone:

  • Who will uplift us through preaching, effectively communicate the Gospel, and inspire our parishes to apply the Gospel in our everyday lives.
  • Who is grounded in faith through prayer and spiritual practice.
  • Who accepts and welcomes all people.
  • Who is a pastoral comforter when members are suffering or in need.
  • Who will help us strengthen relationships with each other and our neighbors.
  • Who is an able administrator who will collaborate with the vestry and lay leadership of each parish to lead us into the future.
  • Who will seek out and  help to identify and develop the next generation of lay leaders for both congregations.
  • Who will nurture and lead us in Christian education.
  • Who will listen to our ever changing needs and dreams.
  • Who is committed to personal growth, learning, and self-care.


We offer a compensation package of $120,000, including all salary and benefits. This follows the Diocese of Virginia guidelines for compensation of a full-time rector. The rector will oversee the administrative and musical staff of each parish.

To Apply

To apply send a cover letter, resume, and OTM portfolio to the search committee at searchcommittee@stjohnsarlingtonva.org or stpats.search2021@gmail.com.

Where We Are

St. Patrick's Episcopal Church is located at 3241 Brush Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042  map

St. John's Episcopal Church is located at 415 S. Lexington, Arlington, VA 22204  map

The two churches are less than 5 miles apart. This map shows the route between the churches.

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St. John's Congregational Survey Results



Words We Live By

St. John's - We welcome children of God of all races and nations who are young and old, gay and straight, rich and poor, believing and doubting. You have a home with us.

Saint Patrick's - We are a community of care called to be Christ-centered and multicultural in worship, Christian education and action to proclaim Christ's love to the world.