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Welcome to St. John's

Every church says, "Visitors Welcome."

St John’s wants to say, "Visitors Expected!" 

We are always happy  to have new people come to bless us 
with their presence and to share in our life together. 

What to Expect

When you arrive at St. John's on a Sunday morning, an usher will welcome you and hand you a bulletin to guide you through the service.  What happens next?  What is the service like?  How easy is it to participate?  Find out here.

Directions, Map, and Parking

St. John's is located at the corner of 5th Street South and Lexington Street in Arlington, Virginia, just one block off Carlin Springs Road near Kenmore Middle School.  Click here for directions, a map, and parking information.


There is a service with music at 9am on Sundays. 

Babies and Children

There is child care available from 9am on Sundays until after the service. You can speak with an usher about how to get there.  If you prefer to keep your baby with you during the service, that is fine, too. 

Children are welcome to come to Holy Communion rail with you for a blessing..


There are handicapped parking spaces in front of the church and an elevator on the left side of the church as you face the front door.  Have someone with you alert the ushers that you need to use the elevator and they will make sure things move smoothly.  You may come to Communion in your wheelchair or with your cane or walker, or you can let an usher know that you want us to bring the bread and wine to your pew.


You do not need to dress up to come to St. John's.  If you are not certain what to wear, dress as if you are going shopping.  What you wear is much less important than that you are here.