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Thank You! December 2012


We would like to extend a thank you to people who have helped with a number of projects over the past few months.

To those who helped on October 20th painting day – Brian Cavey, Pete Olivere, Faye Pritchard, Paul Petrich, Linda Trochim, Maddie Harbin, Tina Cavey, Michael Cavey and Del Hunt.

To Faye Pritchard and Debbie Carter for such good work on the St. John’s survey and to everyone who responded.

To Faye Pritchard, Debbie Carter and Diane Henderson for their work on the giving brochure.

To Faye Pritchard, for organizing our Shrine Mont weekend and to those who helped make the weekend special including Galen Henderson for her guitar playing and Corry Weierbach, for facilitating our program.

To Del Hunt and John Wilson for reading Morning Prayer and Doris Page, our preacher over the Shrine Mont weekend.

To Paul Stenger for heading up our annual giving campaign.

To Penny and Don Hess for teaching the Adult Forum on November 18.

To Kay Wells, who helped us mail the volunteer schedule, LOGOS and the annual giving.

To Lynn Robinson for coordinating the Annual Giving/Thanksgiving parish potluck.

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