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Helping Low Income Students


St. John's Episcopal Church is collecting school supplies and clothing for low-income students who attend our two neighborhood schools, Carlin Springs and Campbell elementary schools. There is a need for the following supplies for the school year starting the end of August: 4-pocket folders with prongs (red, yellow, blue, green), student scissors, water color paint sets, colored pencils, crayons, glue sticks, markers, and spiral notebooks as well as tissue boxes, hand sanitizer, Ziploc bags, and girls and boys underwear (sizes 8 to 14). There will also be a need for winter jackets in the late fall and early winter.

If you would like more information, please contact Faye Pritchard, St. John's outreach coordinator, at 703-931-2168 or at
pritchardpix@aol.com. You can drop your contributions at St. John's church at the corner of South 5th and Lexington (just ring the
doorbell at the side door) or at Faye's house at 5713 South 5th Street, just a half-block from the church.

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