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Lent and Holy Week 2023

Lenten Study: Book of Psalms

A study will be offered in two settings each Wednesday and will be available in-person and via Zoom. The time together will include abbreviated daily office prayer and a light meal or snack, along with study regarding the function of the Psalms in worship, patterns of classification, history of translation/publication, and the fullness of human relationship with God that is expressed therein.

Wednesdays, Noon at St Patrick’s and 6:30 p.m. at St John’s
Gathering and Brief Prayers - 10 Minutes
Light Meal/Snack served immediately after Prayers
Study begins at 30-Minute Mark, eating continues as needed
Study concludes at 60-Minute Mark
Dismissal and clean-up

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Stations of the Cross

You are invited to set apart from your week’s preparation an hour to pray and ponder the mystery of Jesus’ suffering for our redemption. The dramatic last hours of Jesus’ life have inspired believers to reverently remember the love and sacrifice that Jesus poured out for the sake of the world. It was not long after his death and resurrection that people began to express their devotion by retracing the path Jesus walked on his way from his trial to his Cross. The prayerful rite known as the Stations of the Cross soon became a common devotional practice among Christian pilgrims and over time those who could not travel to Jerusalem for the rite began to create journeys allowed the symbolic retracing of Jesus’ steps.

Sunday evenings at 6:30 p.m. March 12th at St John’s, March 19th at St Patrick’s, and March 26th only via Zoom.

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Holy Week

Palm Sunday (April 2) services open Holy Week, with the Reading of the Passion, and a silent departure from worship. As we are able, we will form a procession to remember Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, and then the betrayal, trial, and crucifixion that followed so quickly. Services: 9 a.m. at St. John’s; 11 a.m. at St Patrick’s. In-Person and accessible online.

Maundy Thursday (April 6), in remembrance of Jesus’ modeling servanthood even until his last hour, we will gather for a simple meal and readings, of tending each other by following Jesus’ practice of foot-washing, and then the stripping of the altar that symbolizes his arrest and imprisonment. Services: Noon at St. Patrick’s; 6:30 p.m. at St John’s. 

Good Friday (April 7) our Churches will be open, from 11 a.m. through sunset. We will gather at Noon at St John's, to pray through the Solemn Collects, and to venerate the Cross which was the means of Our Lord’s death. That evening, St Patrick’s service is at 6:30 p.m, with the same service, presented in the midst of candles lit against the gathering gloom. In-Person and the 6:30 p.m. is accessible online.



Easter Morning 9 o’clock at St John’s & 11 o’clock at St Patrick’s Worship, with Coffee Hour to follow at each Church.

St John’s Episcopal Church, 415 South Lexington, Arlington & St Patrick’s Episcopal Church, 3241 Brush Drive, Falls Church


Online link information 

The ZOOM link to use for St, John's services and studies is 
(meeting ID and Password are embedded in the link)  
If you only want to participate by phone, dial either 301-715-8592 or 253-215-8782. When you are connected you will be prompted to enter the Meeting ID: 873 5378 9589. You will then be prompted to enter the password 2020.

St. Patrick's services and studies are on their Youtube Channel is  https://www.youtube.com/user/StPatsEpiscopal. The channel also carries their services from the past weeks. 

Church Locations

St John’s Episcopal Church, 415 South Lexington, Arlington

St Patrick’s Episcopal Church, 3241 Brush Drive, Falls Church   www.saintpatricks.us