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Children's Christmas Pageant a Resounding Success


St. John’s was crowded at the 10 a.m. service on December 16 as we resumed our tradition of an annual Christmas pageant, featuring children from St. John’s and the Glencarlyn neighborhood. The pageant, complete with costumes and changing sets, traced the story of Jesus from the angel’s appearance to Mary through the birth in Bethlehem, the visit from the shepherds and the arrival of the wise men. 

Warm thanks go the players: Paul Petrich, John Petrich, Tina Cavey, Michael Cavey, Alexis Krug, Jackson Krug, Cooper Krug, Clarisa Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Spencer Frank and Pearson Frank.

Another round of applause goes to the stage hands who moved sets cued actors, and helped keep the production on course: Barbara Olivere, Pete Olivere, Brian Cavey, Lenore Schmidt, and Leslie Mead.

Special thanks go to our Minister of Family Programs, Beth Cavey, who organized the production, recruited actors and adult stage hands, and supervised rehearsals and overall production for a wonderful pageant. 

With the success of the Christmas pageant, Beth is considering another performance to celebrate the Easter season. Contact her for more details.stjohnsfamilyprograms@gmail.com

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